Italian Restaurant – Arenal Spring

Italian Restaurant.

At Arenal Springs Resort

Our “Italian Corner” is located just off the reception area. Here you will sit in comfy armchairs, to enjoy good food and good company.

We offer you the finest wines from Chile and Argentina.

We offer you the finest wines from Chile and Argentina, in addition to delicious fresh salads, cheese and cold cut platters, pastas, focaccia, and pizzas oozing with a combination of the best cheeses.

Our famous, thin crust pizzas are prepared with an authentic Italian recipe and are baked in our wood-burning brick oven, to give them that undeniable old style flavor. And the love with which each one is created makes them out of this world. Very likely, the best pizza you have ever had.

Remember that you can also enjoy any of our dishes from the comfort of your room for no additional charge.

Our hotel is supplied from an external electric service by a recognized company, which also supplies electricity to the whole area. Nevertheless, if this one faults, we have in our property power generators to cover the operation of the hotel. However these generators can cause a slightly noise-sound in some areas of the facilities.

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