Kahuli Coffee Shop – Arenal Spring

Kahuli Coffee Shop.

At Arenal Springs Resort

Our cafeteria is inspired by our Costa Rican essence, to have a good cup of coffee to remember those unforgettable moments, to spend a pleasant time with a loved one or good friend.

For us it is a privilege that you can enjoy one of the best coffees in the world, we will deliver in each cup of coffee you enjoy, an unforgettable experience which we hope will be carried in your mind and you can remember that I enjoy a good Costa Rican coffee.

Costa Rican essence

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Japanese Siphon

The Japanese siphon is an extraction method that forces the flow of coffee through tubes, that is to say, it is an inverted U-shaped tube that causes the liquid to flow upwards over the surface of the tank, so that later Gravity pulls it back into the bowl at the bottom, you get a full-bodied cup.
Italian Moka The Italian coffee maker or moka coffee maker produces quality, intense and full-bodied coffee in a few minutes. It is the homemade way of getting low-pressure espresso coffee, much more similar to that of bars than drip coffee.

Cold Brew

Already used in the Japanese tradition of the 18th century, the Cold Brew method allows to obtain a concentrated, intense coffee, extracted through a special cold water drip system. The coffee obtained in this way maintains all the flavor of the mixture with a low content of bitter notes.


The dripper is made of steel, plastic or ceramic. It is shaped like a cone where the filter will be placed. This helps the coffee in there to expand and combine with the water. Extending the contact time will result in a balanced cup of good aroma and flavor being obtained.


The Aeropress is a method of extraction by pressure, a more aromatic flavor and a medium body are obtained.


It has a single large hole which allows you to modify the flavor by altering the speed of the water flow. With this method, a coffee with a silky body and natural flavor is obtained.


It is a very easy-to-use method of manual coffee extraction, which offers a sweet drink, without bitterness or sediment. It combines two systems: immersion and drip, since the coffee is first in contact with water and then filters into a container, resulting in a clean cup.

French press

The French press is an immersion brew method, which means that the coffee is extracted while completely submerged in water. An intense flavor with a heavy body is obtained.


Chemex achieved its highest popularity in recent years, despite being a method that was created in the 1940s, it seems to be newly designed due to its modern aesthetics. He is considered the father of methods. The Chemex method is widely considered the best choice for people looking for a smoother cup with less bitterness and doesn’t mind a lack of body.


Costa Rican method has a narrow neck for the filter to fit, a handle, and a mouthpiece. Mainor Alfaro, its creator, was inspired by Chorreado coffee, a traditional Costa Rican preparation method that dates back more than two centuries. This method involves filtering the particles through a cloth filter. Provides a cup with more defined flavors, delicate acidity, and predominant sweetness.


This preparation method is similar to rudimentary or traditional filter coffee makers, but it is not known beyond Costa Rica. Chorreador coffee is prepared using a chorreador, a simple brewing device consisting of two main parts: a holder for the chorreador and a sachet, that is, a cloth filter held by a wire.

We want to share with you a special and unforgettable moment, for which we offer you different ways in which you can enjoy a good coffee, grown and harvested by Costa Rican hands, also of which we are proud to be able to offer you two native methods of Costa Rica. such as the Vandola method and the bag-blasted method.

We leave you a review of each coffee method that you can enjoy in our Kahuli coffee shop, which means “Coffee” in the Maleku aboriginal language.

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