Arenal Natura park night hike

Arenal Natura park night hike

As night falls, we will enter into the rainforest for one of the most spectacular experiences available in the area of the Arenal Volcano, full of fauna and nocturnal wildlife.

We will explore the depths of nature at the most outstanding time, the night. This specialized activity will put you right in the reptiles’, amphibians’, and insects’ home, as you walk along with only the natural light of dusk, and a flashlight. The mysteries of the tropical rainforest will be solved together with our experienced naturalist guide.

Discover the magic of Arenal Natura, starting at sunset and during the transition period as many animals tuck in for the night, and many others awake and begin their active period. You will see and hear animals that sleep during the day, as they travel through the trails, ponds, and lakes.

Red-Eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis callidryas) and Stick bugs (Ctenomorpha chronus) will be right before your eyes, and if you are lucky you may also spot sloths (Bradypus tridactylus), armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) and nocturnal birds.

An unforgettable experience that you will not want to miss.

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Tour Information

We include: Naturalist guide, flashlight, park entrance, insurance policy, transportation if required.

We Recommend: Wear comfortable closed toe shoes, lightweight clothing. Use insect repellent. Remember that Arenal Natura is located in the tropical rainforest, so we recommend a raincoat or poncho. If you do not have one, you can purchase one in our store.

Departures: 5:30pm

Arrivals: 7:45pm

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