Zip Line

Zip Line In The Rain Forest

The Canopy tour consists of a series of cables attached from tree to tree on which you glide along using a pulley that it’s secured to alpinism equipment (the harness). You will be enjoying the tour safely hanging facing front as you soar through the rain forest. (Although we encourage people to try different positions to make it more memorable)

This tour is full of adrenaline within a beautiful rain forest. The tour starts in our reception where the guides will help you with the required equipment for the activity. Soon after a vehicle will take you to the first platform where you will be instructed on the commands and positions you will use, as well as a series of safety measures.

The Canopy consists of 12 cables and 13 platforms, traveling a full distance of 3 kilometers (1.86 miles), making it the longest and the best in the area. The cables’ distances vary from 50 meters to 850 meters with varying heights and speeds.

During the journey it is possible to see wild life at its best. Keep your eyes open and you may catch a glimpse of howler monkeys, sloths, and even exotic birds that roam wild in the rain forests of Costa Rica.

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