Reservation Policies

Reservation Policies

By confirming the booking process, you authorize the hotel Arenal Springs to charge the total amount of the reservation to your credit card
If there is any problem with the credit card transaction throughout the booking. If so, you must register a new card in order to obtain confirmation
The result of the payment for your transaction will appear on your statement on behalf of Arenal Vimai SA

All rates do not include a 13% tax

Cancellation and Refund Policies

1. Cancellations without any Charge, 30 days or more before the Check-In Date throughout the year.
2. Cancellations made between 21 days and 29 days before the Check-In Date will incur a 50% charge.
3. Cancellations made 20 days before the Check-In date will incur a 100% charge.
4. There is not refund for Early Check Out or no show.
5 . Cancellations must be received in writing to our email and

Impossibility of Performance

I agree that the Hotel Arenal Springs is not liable in the event of natural disasters, fire, blockades, government order or other circumstances beyond our control

Privacy Policy and Legal Statement

The hotel is committed to maintaining the strictest confidence in all information relating to our guests, in-house. Do not disclose the information you enter on our website to any other source. This information will be for the exclusive use of Hotel Arenal Springs, under penalty of applicable law. We will never give out your e-mail address for any reason.

Security Policies

Dear Guest,


  1. Check-out is at 12:00 noon with no exceptions. Your check out date is on this registration card. No Late Checkout is authorized, if you do not show up to check out on time and there is no response when contacting, your stuff will be removed from the room in order to clean and have everything good for the upcoming guest.
  2. -Your signature on this registration card is valid to support and verify signatures on file. Try to sign your consumption bills in the same way as you do on this registration card.
  3. The hotel and its facilities are exclusive for our guests. Visitors and day passes are not permitted.
  4. The hotel prohibits the possession, sale, illegal trade, and/or carrying of firearms, sharp weapons, and other dangerous substances or objects. If you have any of these items, you must report it to the hotel reception and deposit them in the safe designated for this purpose. In the case of dangerous substances or objects or the illegal trade or possession of such, these may be discarded by the hotel or, if necessary, handed over to the authorities. The hotel reserves the right to call the authorities, as well as the right to cancel any and all services reserved for the customer in the event that the administration detects a firearm or weapon of any nature, dangerous substances or objects, or the illegal trade or possession, of such on hotel property, which have not been previously declared and deposited in the hotel’s safe or reported by the Guest upon arrival.
  5. Children under 18 years old cannot stay in a room without parents or official guardians.
  6. In accordance with Executive Decree No. 11217-MEIC, the hotel will not be responsible for loss, theft, deterioration or damage of belongings or valuables left in the room outside the safe. Arenal Springs will not assume responsibility for the loss of items placed in the room’s safe with a value greater than US $ 500. In case the guest wishes to safeguard valuables that exceed this amount, please contact the Front Desk to have them placed in the reception safe.
  7. -The hotel prohibits playing musical instruments, radios, or televisions at high volume which may disturb the tranquility of other guests.
  8. Any damage caused by guests to any hotel property will be charged to the guest.For your security and that of the other guests, we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the following policies.
  9. – In accordance with the country’s legislation, you are in a smoke-free hotel. Smoking in a room will result in a US $400 cleaning charge. If you smoke in your room, this amount will be charged to your credit card upon check out and if the situation is repetitive, it will be charged as many times as necessary to allow for the complete recovery and cleaning of the room to prepare it for our future guests.
  10. The hotel does not allow the entry of pets apart from trained guide dogs with a written support document.
  11. During your stay, it is necessary to wear your ID bracelet at all times.
  12. All reservations must include a valid credit card on file as a guarantee against any incident. Nothing will be charged to your credit card until the end of your stay. In addition, for the sake of security and to prevent any type of fraud, all guests must confirm their identity by presenting their valid government-issue photo identification document such as passport, identity card, or driver’s license.
  13. The hotel will refuse the service or evict a guest: for refusing or not paying for accommodations at check-in, for being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other toxic substance, for acting in a disorderly manner which disturbs the peace for other guests, failure to comply with state liquor laws, for not properly supervising your children at all times, or for trying to use the hotel for any illegal purpose.
  14. The hotel prohibits any lack of respect, inappropriate behavior, or sexual harassment towards any collaborator, especially in the Spa. In the case of any insinuation or lack of respect, the treatment will be immediately interrupted or canceled without refund.
  15. Arenal Springs Hotel is privately owned and operated, and therefore reserves the rights of admission and service. Anyone who violates the policies and standards may be removed from the premises without refund.
  16. There are no refunds for Early Check Out.
  17.  I agree that the Arenal Springs hotel will not be responsible in the event of natural disasters, fire, blockades, government order or any other circumstances beyond our control.