Our History

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Arenal Springs Resort & Spa is a company dedicated to hospitality and hot springs services in La Fortuna, San Carlos. The company began its operations in 2005. However, it was in 2004 when the Miranda Robles family envisioned using part of their property to develop a tourism project adding another use to the farm which was at that time, dedicated exclusively to cattle raising. Due to the size of this undertaking, they decided to associate with Mr. Minor Castro and together devise the project.
The hotel planning began in October 2004 with 87 rooms, small areas for a reception, spa, one restaurant, administration, laundry, and a souvenir shop, among others. The doors of this Phase 1 opened in April of 2005.
As the years have progressed, the company has increased in infrastructure, design, and human talent. Currently, there are 109 guest rooms divided into 3 categories, spa area, yoga deck, 3 categories of restaurants, laundry area, hot springs, gym area, playground, internal medical office, reception area, administrative offices, events room, and souvenir shop. In the same way, the human talent has grown by 100%, compared to our early days.
Currently, the company is dedicated to developing new projects to improve our services and installations, while respecting our commitment to social, environmental, and cultural responsibilities. One of our top goals is to leave a green footprint with every step we take.

Commercial Commitment

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Hotel Arenal Springs Resort & Spa recognizes our responsibility to protect the environment, foster social equity, and promote economic sustainability. We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our commercial decisions and our standard operating procedures. Through this sustainability policy, we seek to contribute to the well-being of present and future generations by minimizing our negative impact on the environment and maximizing our positive impact on our community and on society.
To offer our guests, visitors, and collaborators not just a roof, but a home away from home, generating quality service experiences with a clear commitment to contribute to social progress, environmental balance, and responsible economic growth.
To be recognized by our guests as their Costa Rican home, which always exceeds their expectations, due to our high commitment to innovating and projecting our green-footprint, and protecting present and future generations.
Business values:
Transparency, excellence, freedom, loyalty, inclusion, leadership,
quality, sustainability.
Human Values:
Gratitude, empathy, responsibility, sincerity, love, patience,
solidarity, respect, happiness.

Sustainability Policy

Objectives and purpose of the sustainability policy:

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  1. To drive innovation while using sustainable products and services that satisfy the needs of our internal and external clients and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Economic Impacts

We strive to minimize:

  • Excessive maintenance costs
  • Loss of competitivity. Sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity.
  • Job loss. We collaborate with those dedicated to the same level of sustainable dedication.
  • We impact other sectors reliant on natural resources, and utilize renewable energy sources.
  • Price hikes. We carefully manage our usage and waste, to avoid increasing our operating costs.

We strive to maximize:

  • The reduction of costs
  • The growth of our corporate image
  • Financing opportunitie

2. Integrate sustainable practices in the commercial decisions and standard operating procedures, in order to minimize environmental impact.

Environmental Impacts

We strive to minimize:

  • Environmental displacement; educating about the consequences which present and future generations are exposed to if we do not protect the environment and our natural resources through efforts such as reforestation and reducing consumption, among others.

We strive to maximize:

  • Efficient use of resources, such as water, electricity, gas, etc.
  • Use of renewable energy sources, utilizing solar panels.
    Energy efficiency, taking advantage of solar electricity.
  • Sustainable transportation, promoting the use of sustainable transportation options, for example, bike riding.
  • Awareness and education; providing volunteering and environmental education workshops and seminars.
  • Collaboration with sustainable suppliers and partners; creating a sustainable supply chain.

2. Integrate sustainable practices in the commercial decisions and standard operating procedures, in order to minimize environmental impact.

3. Foster social equity, promoting inclusion, and developing socially responsible programs that benefit communities local.

Social Impacts

We strive to minimize:

  • Job loss; reduction of jobs in non-sustainable sectors.
  • Economic inequality by maintaining competitive pricing.
  • Local community displacement; by supporting sustainable practices it can cause a lack of access and traditional sustenance in some communities.
  • Change resistance; some groups can generate certain resistance to change and new practices.

We strive to maximize:

  • Work opportunities and local development by generating jobs.
  • Health and social wellness improvement
  • Reduction of emmission contaminents, and promotion of a heathy lifestyle.
  • Social inclusion and equality; through equal opportunities.
  • Education and awareness; educational programs, workshops, seminars, and sustainibility practice activities.
  • Community collaboration; development and participation in community projects.
  • Contribution to Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS); supporting the norms established by the United Nations (UN), such as the fight against climate change, the reduction of poverty, and gender iguality.

4. Contribute to the conservation of cultural interest sites, to recognition of customs, and prevention of illegal commercialization of cultural goods.

Cultural Impacts

We strive to minimize:

  • The loss of cultural traditions
  • Excessive tourism
  • The conflict between conservation and cultural development

We strive to maximize:

  • The restoration of values
  • The preservation of cultural patrimony
  • Inspiration and leadership
  • The promotion and support of innovation

Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations, by guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, environmental protection social well-being.

We want to tell you about some of the things we have implemented to be a part of the change.¡


  • Acheive a rational and controlled consumption of basic services.
  • Use of renewable energy to reduce electricity consumption.

What we are doing:

  • Daily consumption controls, in order to identify excessive consumption of basic services.
  • Implementation of automation system, for energy savings
  • Water heating using solar panels for guest rooms and laundry.
  • Acquisition of low consumption assets
  • Installations designed for the use of natural light


  • Reduce, recycle, and re-use
  • Environmental awareness

What we are doing:

  • Placement of Green Points Reforestation
  • Environmental seminars and volunteering Solar panels
  • Use of biodegradable products
  • Waste water treatment with a biodigester Recycling

“The Tower AgroEcological Farm”

This property was acquired in 2017, by representatives of Arenal Springs Resort & Spa, to process and utilize the organic waste produced in the company, have a place to reforest, protect the flora and fauna of our country, and produce food that allows for the reduction of consumption costs at the hotel.

Organic fertilizer, sustainble teaching farm, small animal raising for consumption (chickens, pigs, grazing cattle), planting and production of vegetables, laboratory for the production of natural dish soap paste, shampoo, and conditioner used in the hotel.


  • Unified social development
  • Promotion of health and wellness Opportunity equality

What we are doing:

  • Competetive job offerings and salary
  • Equal opportunities without discrimination
  • Developmental support for community projects
  • Wellness support and illness prevention
  • Support of government and private agencies that promote social well-being


  • Driving Costa Rican culture
  • Support the preservationa and conservation of cultural patrimony

What we are doing:

  • Celebration of civic week
  • Serving Costa Rican gastronomy
  • Support and sponsorship of rescue areas and cutural conservation
  • Volunteering program
  • Traditional dinners
  • Historic and geographic seminars

At Arenal Springs we are betting on responsible social progress, environmental balance, and economic growth!

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