Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

At Arenal Springs Resort

Our modern process of mineral salts eliminates the need for high quantities of chlorine. With this natural procedure only a small amount of chlorine is used as a catalyst to activate the mineral ions.

3 fresh water pools

This allows you to swim comfortably in each of our 3 fresh water pools, without irritating your eyes, causing heartburn, allergies, or fungal infections which are normal side effects of chlorinated water.

Children are valuable guests at Arenal Springs as well, so we have made sure they have areas apt just for them, and our refreshing swimming pools and hot springs are no exception.

Open daily from 8 am to 10 pm.

Our hotel is supplied from an external electric service by a recognized company, which also supplies electricity to the whole area. Nevertheless, if this one faults, we have in our property power generators to cover the operation of the hotel. However these generators can cause a slightly noise-sound in some areas of the facilities.


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