Weddings and events

Weddings and Events

Unique place for a unique event in your life

A romantic and naturally beautiful location for your wedding.

“The Wedding” One of the wonderful experiences in the life of a person, without a doubt is the day of your wedding.

Let us make your wedding unforgettable

Hotel Arenal Springs Resort & Spa offers the dream of his life to what we call “The Wedding of Success” in which our highly trained staff makes every effort to reach the success of the event with complete satisfaction for both the bride and guests.

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Organizing a wedding is not easy, so if you get married by the church as if you marry civil. The most important point is the planning of your wedding and according to our experience we suggest you plan everything in advance and so you and our staff begin to discuss all your needs such as:

  • What type of wedding you want with my family
  • That dress I wear at my wedding
  • The kind of food we want for our dinner
  • Select Rings
  • The invitations (these indicate the type of wedding guests you plan)
  • The memories
  • Plan of the hotel where the wedding will take place

Other points to consider:

  • The budget Event-Date
  • Before choosing the date, regardless of whether your guests are available to attend your wedding.
  • The kind of decoration I want
  • Type of music you want McFarland-type everything we do in La Fortuna Arenal Volcano
  • Choose whether the couple and their private guests wish The breakfast the next day.